"asking for consent does not mean you will ruin the mood"

People tend to be afraid of ropes, because we have other ideas of what people can do with ropes. Most of us are also afraid of being tied up and feeling stuck due to traumas. We provide a safer space to explore and encourage participants to have new experiences with rope and bondage. We encourage participants to allow themselves to experience all the emotions and fears we have from ‘what if’ scenarios. The workshops are being guided by professionals in a safer space. The workshop givers and fiters make sure that everyone feels safe to be able to play and explore. We provide workshops at different levels, focussing on most marginalized groups in the society!

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Consent is for and about everything we do in life. Consent always starts with a question and it’s up to the other person if they want to do what you asked for. Consent is about freedom of choice, for both parties. It’s about human rights, it forms the basis of our daily lives, even when we are not conscious about it. During this workshop, we make conscious choices and be aware of our desires and needs. How we feel and what we want for ourselves but also in an interaction with another person. We learn to undo what we have always learned and to learn new ways of honouring our feelings and desires. Consent is not always about saying no, it’s also about learning to say yes or maybe. And the answer can change any moment!

Staying and feeling our body is not something we are always aware of in our daily life. Thousands of books are being written and different techniques have been developed to a-tune our mind with our body. We know different kinds of meditation and mindfulness practices which help us to synchronize our body and mind in one space. Fite Qlub developed a more playful workshop to stay in your body and be present: Bodypaint. It’s not a miracle we found out, but it’s a nice and playful way to be present, enjoy and feel your body. During the workshop, we not only play with paint, but follow our feelings and desires. What are our needs and how can they be met.

Art therapy is a combination of art works, therapy and healing practices. We combine sexuality, desires, feelings with body practices. We have been inspired by our own journey and made new workshops for other BIPOC Queers. This way we create a learning platform, to pass on the knowledge.

Sensual writing is about learning your desires and sexuality through words. Often we have wild fantasies and desires, but we don’t dare to share them with others. There is often a lot of shame for our desires and fantasies, and acknowledging this, gives us the power and ability to throw those layers of shame to get true to your heart and desires.  With this workshop we encourage participants to explore your desires and fantasies through writing.

You might get scared, but movies about sexuality don’t have to be explicit. On the contrary, you can have lots of fun without being explicit and naked. Fite Qlub is interested in new forms of movies that encourages to use more art and creativity, decolonizing our mind about sex and sexuality and sensuality. The idea of p0rn in the west/Europe is to be naked, but sensuality is about what we do with our body and how we play with our senses. During the workshop, you take a deep dive in your imagination and creation, think out of the box, decolonise your idea of sex. And you will see amazing things come out…

Have you always wanted to make your own zine or be part of a collective that tells new narratives and stories? Fite Qlub organized DIY zine workshops to find a path to creativity, story telling, drawing, painting or any other kind of art that can be printed and used in a zine. The zines will be for free (based on donation) and can be spread around the city to tell your stories.

The Queer scene is famous for it’s body harnesses. Fite Qlub is making different kind of genderless harnesses. But Fite Qlub provides also workshops to make your own harness. We can make three types of harnesses. We use different kind of materials to make the harnesses.

How does a social grassroots organization look like? What do you need to build such an organization? How does the subsidy work and what to do you need to apply?

We will provide you the tools on how to build an organization and what we have learned in the process of building ours. We want to pass the knowledge to others to keep on building.

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