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Our Fiters

Sorab Roustayar

Moderator, programmaker and organizer

Sorab Is a profound moderator, facilitator and mediator. He is an expert in creating safer space, for all the participants. Thanks to his many years of experience, he can feel and read the space. Sorab is excellent at negotiating between parties, but also in bringing parties together by using “non-violent communication” and applying it to throughout the meditation.

Jack P.

graphical designer

Jack P (he/him) has been designing and making posters, flyers, logos, book covers for the queer community. He translates your ideas into strong recognizable visuals. As Co-founder of ZsaZsaZine, Jack has been collecting zines centered on Queer BIPOC experiences. Growing up in oppressive and censorship-heavy Singapore, he has been drawn to self-publishing and its power to archive and collaborate with marginalised voices , experience, dreams and resistance.

Adopted by a queer DIY performance group. Jack landed on stage and started making pervy props. Humour, pain and pleasure along with found and recycled material forms his performer-maker practice. He sees the potential of the stage to decolonize minds, bodies and representations.

Devika Chotoe

performance artist, choreographer, writer & community builder

Devika’s work emerges from a concern for justice and a desire to heal and transform embodied systemic oppression. The aim being self and collective empowerment. She thus views her artistic processes as resistance praxis: a space for resilience where notions of care, support, codependency, vulnerability, pleasure and healing are centred and form the main conditions for constructing processes of transformation and its embodiment.

Ayse Nur

queer DIY performance group

She/they are called Ayşe, in the ID Ayşe Nur. She was born and lived in Turkey for 23 years. Throughout those years she was an organic member of an organisation which led her to create two personalities, one shaped by the structure of the organisation and the other is her higher being. After articulating her political thoughts, she decided to follow her higher being who lives in the sea, and therefore Turkey was not hospitable to her anymore and she had to plot an escape plan. After a long trip, she ended up in the Netherlands. 

Nowadays, she is researching the resources of the earth, mainly energy. She believes that energy is one of the most essential sources that can liberate communities. She is polysexual “behind the doors” and performs fluidly depending on the necessities. She likes blue and green as colours. She studies a string instrument called “Oud”. She likes to learn techniques of playing with ropes as another instrument of her movement. At her heart there is a truth lies “no one of us can be free until everybody’s free.”


Born and raised in Taiwan, they moved to the Netherlands for university. Recently graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a master in sociology, their thesis focused on exploring queer kinship, critiqing amatonormativity, and reflect on how the marriage institution govern our way of relating to others. Chin now works as a bartender, and enjoys sharing their culinary creations with people they love. They are introverted (often being described as an indoor cat) and enjoy quality time with small groups of people or indulge themself in the world of books. Their recent topics of interest are: asexual/aromantic and their political potentials beyond identity, challenging the essentialist idea of sex/gender, and how to make a delicious drink.

Klee Schmidt

Klee is currently in the middle of writing their Bachelor thesis in Liberal Arts & Sciences on the role of vandalized images as sites for healing queer/trans/disabled wounds. Besides that, they love to bury their head in a good book and you can always chat with them hear all about it. 

They are especially interested in reading on how the mechanism of colonialism and capitalism act on queercrip beings and non-normative body-minds. And recently they have started to collect children’s books on sex education done well because who doesn’t wish they had better sex ed when they were younger?  

Their absolute favourite way to stim is to dance, headphones always on,  especially to a disco track or some electro/synth pop.  They love love love dogs and being outside when it rains, busy looking for good quality puddles to jump in.

Raagini Bora

Raagini Bora is a social science researcher from India with a focus on gender, queer studies and decolonial theory. These interests reflect in her master’s thesis which explored reimagining queer possibilities to popular turn of the century Bollywood music, reconceptualising queerness in a decolonial vein.

She is also a musician, self-learning multiple instruments, arranging and singing/beatboxing acapella by herself and songwriting. Her goals in life include pursuing an academic career, deriving joy from creative music-making processes, cooking extravagant meals and sharing them with people she loves, and unapologetically burping on command in public.

Leticia G Leon (Lety)

Where queerness meet science. Nerd, introvert Cancer researcher and Gene therapy investigator. 

Work in biomedical research is almost an act of activism if you are queer, BIPOC, or do not have heteronormative white man privilege. it is important for me to be active in my sector because science is lacking new perspectives, is lacking intersectionality, and inclusivity. Biomedical science is being dominated by white heteronormative men for way too long. 

My activism within the science sector is creating new role models for kids who are interested in science at the “Aula Cientifica”. I discovered my worry about the importance of the fight against climate change with Extintion Rebelion. 

My daily fight against racism, and injustice by learning more about my positionality and creating authentic “white ally”.

I am a scientist and activist because the system is constantly limiting the efforts and funding possibilities of queer or BIPOC researchers, excluding them not only as Group leaders but also from medical studies in new treatments, trans people are continuously removed from clinical studies because in Biomedical science a good statistic is more important than people which are suffering.

My dream is to work towards creating a fully inclusive academic world where we all count.

Xiaodan GUO

board member

Xiaodan is our board member. She is the strategic Brian behind FiteQlub. Xiaodan is a creator and maker. She is specialized in webdesign and illustrator. She is also a kinkster and has specialized in rope and BDSM.

Are you also searching for a place to belong? A home for Queers, where you can be you, accepted with all your flaws? Then join us, cuz we are building a community where we learn to heal from our past, being present and tap in our future!

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