Queer City: Art and Conversations with Legends & Riots will be an interdisciplinary programme including cabaret, music, performance, spoken word, poetry and drag celebrating the queer community. The essence is simple and urgent: they are all queer.

In this year-long series, we want to give queer “rioters” and “legends” the stage and share queer art with a wider audience. By creating a “safer-space”, Fite Qlub aims to facilitate these artists and rioters in sharing their art as a form of resistance; wonder, celebration, and self-actualisation. 

Each programme is marked by an urgent theme related to the LGBTQI+ movement and consists of a performance and an in-depth component that both address the theme. In this way, QueerCity aims to provide space for different collectives and artists so that they can represent themselves in a full and dignified way. This application comes at a crucial time when, after much preparation, Fight Qlub has found a partnership with Pakhuis de Zwijger. In doing so, by working closely with Pakhuis de Zwijger, Fite Qlub hopes to reach a wider audience.

12TH EDITION: Mental health

Gezondheidszorg en vele andere sociaal maatschappelijke domeinen zijn afgelopen 20 jaar afgebroken door kabinet Rutte. DIt zorgt voor hoge kosten en lange wachtlijsten, zowel bij volwassenen als de jeugdzorg. Door de komst van corona zijn de gezondheidszorg problematiek groter en zichtbaarder geworden. Voor gemarginaliseerde groepen is het steeds zwaarder om mee te kunnen doen met de samenleving, enerzijds omdat mensen jarenlang wachten tot ze gepaste zorg krijgen en ten tweede zijn de zorgkosten niet meer op te brengen. Dus stellen we therapie of elk ander mentale zorg uit. Tijdens deze editie gaan we stil staan bij onze mentale zorg en hoe we onderling solidariteit kunnen bouwen om elkaar te helpen en ondersteunen.


Violence towards trans people is increasing by the day. It is not just a problem encountered in the Global South; it is a global problem. As a result, thousands of trans persons, especially trans women are mistreated, abused and murdered purely because of their gender identity and gender expression. Every year during Transgender Day of Remembrance, we reflect on the victims of violence. This year, we will dedicate a QueerCity show to all trans people who have become victims of hate, violence and transphobia. We will take a journey together where we will honor the dead with strength and prosperity. And create awareness about the amount of violence the trans community is facing daily.

10TH EDITION: A Queer Celebration

For this edition we are pulling all the stops to create space to celebrate our queer community and you are our main guest! Expect an evening filled with dance, music and art that celebrate and give a voice to the BIPOC-queer community. We will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of QueerCity. We will look back, look in the future and embrace all aspects of queerness. How do you celebrate life? And what is life without celebration? Come and celebrate with us our first anniversary.

9TH EDITION: Queer & Polyamory

We live in a society where monogamy and heterosexual relationships are considered to be the norm. Any other form of sexuality and relationship is perceived as absurd, abnormal and deviates from that set norm. This imposes enormous restrictions on different sexual identities which affects our right to self-determination. The Netherlands and Amsterdam regard themselves as being very progressive, but how does that work practically? How do institutions and governments adhere to the Christian norms and values of cisgender marriage between men and women? How can we enter into poly-relationships without having to constantly explain ourselves? How many people actually have the courage to speak openly about this?

8TH EDITION: Queering Indenture

June kicks-off Indian History Month: A yearly initiative from Sarnamihuis to shed light on the Dutch history of the indentured laborers that migrated from South Asia to Surinam to take over plantation labor from the formerly enslaved Afro-Surinamese. In addition to history, it also focuses on the stories, traditions and practices that accompanied this history. This year’s edition centers Pride as its theme, which is why they invited the foundation Hindostaans & Queer to provide content and resources that show how queer identities have always been part of this history. In doing so, this collaboration contributes to the visibility and emancipation of Surinamese-Hindostani queer people in the Netherlands. Furthermore, it offers an exciting opportunity to connect internationally to descendants with similar histories of indentured labor migration.

7TH EDITION: Queer Night Life

Music, art, fun and visibility are the central themes of QueerCity. During this edition we want to focus on queer music performances and DJs! We are going to bring the nightlife to Pakhuis de Zwijger. The DJs will bring all kinds of tunes from all over the world. With this we want to turn the current mainstream music industry upside down and give a stage to queers, trans persons and non-binary persons to share their tunes with us.

6TH EDITION: Drag Show

They say Drag Kings and Drag Queens and in between, but there is so much more to say about dragging and drag performance. The history lies within the trans community. They started dragging, as form of resistance against the binary and patriarchal society. We now see that primarily white cisgender people are taking over the stage and steeling the show, yet forgetting its history. This is not a new phenomenon, white people have been colonising, whitewashing and claiming like they invented it. Together with BIPOC Drag performers, we will reflect on how they navigate the drag scene as a BIPOC LGBTQI+ person. During the show, we will have several BIPOC LGBTQI+ performers, showing and celebrating diversity within the community.

5TH EDITION: Queer Joy

Join us for this panel talk that aims to share collective ideas on navigating spaces that often label Black Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) AND queer bodies as marginal or ‘other’. Rather than dwell on the harm, we instead shift the narrative to consider ways we can uplift ourselves in the face of (discrimination) fatigue and the pressure of excellence.

To further compliment this discussion, moments of musical interactions are embedded within the conversation, emphasising that we all have something to gain by encouraging spaces for queer and BIPOC openness.

Here, we question whether it’s possible to challenge boundaries that seek to limit us by dancing in the morning? If relief awaits us in the forming of a community? What does it really mean for us to claim our joy, and how exactly do we do it?

4TH EDITION: Sexual liberation

Arts and conversations with rioters and legends: The Netherlands and the world is familiar with several feminist and queer movements. The first feminist wave was by the enslaved black women who revolted for their basic human rights and against the colonial state. Over the past four centuries, women (white and of colored) and queer people have taken to the streets en masse for various social and economic issues, from the right to self-determination to voting rights. For economic independence to sexual liberation. And when we talk about sexual liberation, in the West they talk about the 1970s. The so-called “fourth” feminist wave. But to what extent can we speak of true sexual liberation when the right to self-determination is under pressure? Is there sexual liberation when heteronormative norms and nuclear family are seen as the cradle of society? What does this mean for queer and trans persons in this society? And how does sexual liberation relate to women and queers of color? All of these questions and many more will be bared during the conversation with the legends.

3TH EDITION: Verleden ontmoet het heden

Queer City organiseert haar derde activiteit, dit keer in samenwerking met Stichting Survibes, oud-leden van de eerste Surinaamse Homo-organisatie (SUHO) en activisten van nu. We gaan in gesprek naar aanleiding van de SUHO documentaire ‘ Matisma’ en leggen verbanden met thema’s uit het verleden EN het heden. Wat waren de thema’s in de jaren 80 en in hoeverre spelen zij nu nog een rol? Wat kunnen we van elkaar leren en wat is onze kijk op de toekomst?

2TH EDITION: Queers against racism

In October and November the discussion about Zwarte Piet and institutional racism erupts. In recent years, the BIPOC LGBTQI+ community has made an enormous contribution to raising the issue of racism and discrimination, one of those pioneers is Naomie Pieter, part of Black Pride and KOZP. She and many other queers have fought a huge struggle for an equal and inclusive society in recent years; but what does that world look like, is the central question. And how do we ensure that the most marginalized voices have a place in the fight against racism and discrimination? What about the position of undocumented migrants and refugees? At the same time, we see a huge growth of the far-right, which means we see more incidents against Jews and Muslims. How do we ensure that we join forces in the fight against racism?

1TH EDITION: Arts and conversations with legends and riots

Conversation by (future) Legends: Het eerste programma van de nieuwe reeks Queer City. We introduceren de BIPOC LHBTQI+ Alliantie Amsterdam aan de hand van gesprekken debatten, theater, muziek en spoken word. Dit wordt een bijzondere avond voor Amsterdam, daarom pakken we extra groot uit met een lancering. Waar we tijdens de Amsterdam Pride veel zien, gaan we nu echt kennismaken met de gemeenschap en nemen verschillende kunstenaars, vertegenwoordigers en artiesten ons mee in hun verhaal. 

We gaan de verschillende tien organisaties podium geven en de stad kennis laten maken met de verschillende BIPOC LHBTQI+ groepen van de Alliantie.

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