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Fite Qlub is a multidisciplinary platform operating from a queer, intersectional and decolonial perspective. The foundation is catered to BIPOC LGBTQIA+ communities and aims to generate spaces where members get to connect, heal, educate and exchange within a wide range of different formats: from panel talks to play parties. Fiteqlub maintains an emphasis on approaching bodies, sexuality and their expression from an intersectional perspective: aiming to unveil how deeply embedded hegemonic conditions are in our intimate lives and our relationship to our bodies, and how to shift this narrative into safer, more flourishing cultures of sexual, physical and relational expression.


Our aim is to change the white cisgender binary heteronormative narrative, because it limits us in our existence. We want to create space for decolonial and intersectional perspectives when it comes to history, gender, culture, art, sexuality, music, body and mind. We want to show people that there is more than one dominant narrative. We create a platform for new narratives and stories for and by BIPOC LGBTQIAP+. We empower our community and inspire others by creating freedom of choices in our sexuality and gender identity. We break with the oppressive systems, by creating decolonial narratives by telling our ancestral stories. Our aim is creating a different hybrid word, where we all can exist next to each other, where we celebrate and acknowledge our differences. .


Fite Qlub represents a part of the Asian LGBTQI+ diaspora. Have you always assimilated and never felt like you belonged in BIPOC groups? Does being Asian and Queer speak to you? Does Queer Asian Visibility excite you? We are reaching out to queer asians who are seeking community, looking for a place to belong, to be politically engaged, to receive and offer support, bridge differences and to find each other. We empower ourselves as queer and asian by giving space to the unheard voices and rarely talked about problems we face and experience as a community and as individuals with multiple intersections.

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We operate from a decolonial and intersectional perspective, therefore we centre BIPOC LGBTQI+ people in and around our activities and plans. We believe in hybrid spaces, where different ethnic backgrounds work and collaborate with each other. But in order to create a safe space, we operate from marginalised people.

We create safer and brave spaces to explore and grow without our guards being up the entire time. In order to create these spaces, we made the choice to request cismen to refrain themselves from partaking our festival and workshops. In this way, we allow participants to really go deep and tap in their desires and needs, and in turn empower themselves from pain and trauma. 

NO MEANS NO. “I don’t know” does NOT mean yes! Ask always for consent and check it regularly – people can change their mind anytime. “Maybe” does not mean yes! Only yes means yes.

Gender is a western construction that has been used to oppress and exclude trans, non-binary christianity, imperialism and by colonisation. Therefore it’s a wester concept, applied worldwide through colonisation. Do not assume anyone’s gender. Ask for their pronoun. If you don’t know what someone’s pronoun is, use “THEY.”

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