The society is being dominated by white cisgender heteronormative values and normes, while there are so many stories to tell. There is a lack of space for decolonial and intersectional perspective when it comes to history, gender, culture, art, sexuality, music, body and mind.

Fite Qlub wants to change this narrative and make space for the BIPOC LGBTQI+ and BIPOC non-queer community by making and creating a platform, so people are able to tell their stories and their perspective on different topics. We will make these stories known within and outside our communities, by creating a learning platform. We will offer a place to heal from injustice and trauma and give space to come closer to our basic needs. We will be free from existing systems and imposed labels through sexual liberation.

Fite Qlub represents Asian LGBTQI+ community and will make the community visible by giving space for the unheard voices and unknown problems we face as a community. Asian LGBTQI+ community will be empowered and anti-asian racism will be demolished, along with antiblack-racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia and ableism.


Fite Qlub is being led by 3 Asian LGBTQI+people with different backgrounds and all the members bring their own expertise to the platform. We are creative artists, kinksters, lone wolves and fiting for justice. Find out more about the crew!


Exploring your sexuality is not only by imagining how it might feel, but we need safer spaces to explore what we really like and want. We provide workshops on different levels and fields. Find out for more!


We work from a decolonial perspective and our main focus is on how to explore our sexuality. We strive for a real Sexual liberation and we do this through art and healing practices. We organise talks, workshops and an annual festival. Soon we will present our Theory of Change!


Fite Qlub represents a part of the Asian LGBTQI+ diaspora. Have you always assimilated and never felt like you belonged in BIPOC groups? Does being Asian and Queer speak to you? Does Queer Asian Visibility excite you? We are reaching out to queer asians who are seeking community, looking for a place to belong, to be politically engaged, to receive and offer support, bridge differences and to find each other. We empower ourselves as queer and asian by giving space to the unheard voices and rarely talked about problems we face and experience as a community and as individuals with multiple intersections.