Fite Qlub Festival 2022

Fite Qlub invites you to the annual Festival, packed with steamy, sexy, queer and trans BIPOC-centered & CISMAN FREE BRAVE SPACE!

The theme of this year is:
“DIY – with others” – building kinky world together with the focus on accessibility.
We would like to build a world where everyone, regardless of your ability, gets the possibility to grow, explore, play and have access to kink and BDSM world. We want to ask all the participants to bring their skills to the festival, so we can build a new and accessible kinky world.

Beloved community let’s come together to build a new world, with care, growth, playfulness, togetherness, for each other, and collectively find joy in our deepest, darkest pleasures.


Cum through for filmscreening, discussions and workshops on play vs s*x, bondage, sensuality, sexuality, consent and more. Let us feed and decorate our bodies and souls with delicious food by Papaya Kuir Cooking Crew.

DIY With Other by sharing skills, wisdom and knowledge. Cum and lets create a platform for the community, regardless your ability. Whether you’re a kink OG or curious to expand your world of pleasure in a safe, supportive community, join us for

Fite Qlub Festival 2021

Fite QLub presents the first festival in 2019 in Amsterdam. The festival contained workshops, performances and a play party. We would have loved to organize a festival in 2020, but the pandemie didn’t allow us to host an other festival. Nevertheless we will continue building on healing and care! Stay tuned for 2021; because it’s our time to rise as BIPOC LGBTQI+ community.

Fite Qlub Festival 2019

Consent is the key


We operate from a decolonial and intersectional perspective, therefore we centre BIPOC LGBTQI+ people in and around our activities and plans. We believe in hybrid spaces, where different ethnic backgrounds work and collaborate with each other. But in order to create a safe space, we operate from marginalised people.

We create safer and brave spaces to explore and grow without our guards being up the entire time. In order to create these spaces, we made the choice to request cismen to refrain themselves from partaking our festival and workshops. In this way, we allow participants to really go deep and tap in their desires and needs, and in turn empower themselves from pain and trauma. 

NO MEANS NO. “I don’t know” does NOT mean yes! Ask always for consent and check it regularly – people can change their mind anytime. “Maybe” does not mean yes! Only yes means yes.

Gender is a western construction that has been used to oppress and exclude trans, non-binary christianity, imperialism and by colonisation. Therefore it’s a wester concept, applied worldwide through colonisation. Do not assume anyone’s gender. Ask for their pronoun. If you don’t know what someone’s pronoun is, use “THEY.”

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