Sorab Roustayar

Sorab Is a profound moderator, facilitator and mediator. He is an expert in creating safer space, for all the participants. Thanks to his many years of experience, he can feel and read the space. Sorab is excellent at negotiating between parties, but also in bringing parties together by using “non-violent communication” and applying it to throughout the mediation.

Jane/Jack P.

Jack/ Jane P has been designing and making posters, flyers, logos, book covers for the queer community. He/she translates your ideas into strong recognizable visuals. As Co-founder of ZsaZsaZine, Jack/Jane has been collecting zines centered on Queer BIPOC experiences. Growing up in oppressive and censorship heavy Singapore, he/she has been drawn to self publishing and its power to archive and collaborate with marginalized voices , experience, dreams and resistance.

Kaye Candeza

A feminist, anti-imperialist, social justice activist. My activism started way back in the Philippines back in college. It was developed and grown when I meet fellow women of trans experience of STRAP- Society of transsexual women advocates of the Philippines- The pioneer trans rights advocacy and support organization in the Philippines in 2006. marxist feminist, and revolutionary women activist in the Philippines and here in the Netherlands.

Jane / Jack P

Xiaodan GUO

Xiaodan is our board member. She is the strategic Brian behind FiteQlub. Xiaodan is a creator and maker. She is specialized in webdesign and illustrator. She is also a kinkster and has specialized in rope and BDSM. 


Adopted by a queer DIY performance group, Jane /Jack landed on stage and started making pervy props. Humour, pain and pleasure along with found and recycled material forms her/his performer-maker practice. Jack sees the potential of the stage to decolonize minds, bodies and representations.

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